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We are a Director + DP creative team.
We started this production company in 2017 because we wanted to create a one-stop shop for all types of clients. We concept and prep each shoot in-house with experienced production staff. Our background in commercials taught us to be lean and efficient. That’s good for the bottom line, and for you. Then we shoot. On land, from the air, underwater, and sometimes surrounded by fire. Nothing is too out there. Here’s the part our clients like the best: we then bring that footage in at our post production facility to handle ALL post in-house: editorial, color, sound design, music creation, VFX, animation — everything done under our supervision. We shot it, we should be cutting it. That holistic approach is what makes our projects seamless from start to finish, creating a single point of contact so our clients never have to worry about us passing things off.
We’re sticklers. So are you.
Welcome to Junk.