When we first met in rehab for meth and heroin addictions, we were at the lowest point in our lives. We had no idea we were about to start a company together. We didn’t even know if we could stay sober for the next 24 hours.

What they don’t tell you about rehab is that it’s boring as hell. So we spent most of our time watching movies, bonding over our mutual love of Paul Thomas Anderson, The Coen brothers, and Werner Herzog.

We eventually put together enough sober time to get jobs at a boutique ad agency in Culver City. Our mix of backgrounds (Richie from advertising & commercial production in LA and New York, and Ben from documentaries & news crews in North Carolina) offered us the range of experience we needed to grow their film department into a thriving production studio.

Eventually, the agency folded, and we were faced with a choice: gets jobs elsewhere or open up our own shop.

We knew that we could build something great if we stuck together, so we cashed our last paychecks and bought some business cards and a web domain.

We took over our old agency’s lease and hustled for business everywhere we could. We hired sober alcoholics and ex-felons, and gave them a platform to channel their histories into powerful new work.

We called ourselves JUNK.

Now, we use what we’ve learned from our story to help others tell theirs.

One video at a time.