And a little TABOO.

One of our long time clients, Liftique, came to us looking to create a powerful series of videos to engage viewers and promote their newest line of natural, non surgical service offerings.

The task was simple: produce content that will get people talking openly about sexual health as we age. Cast real women to speak on camera about their experience to break the taboo. And do it all in a way that celebrates the sexual identity of women in every age category.

To help with budget costs, we designed a series of multicolored backdrops at a large office location in lieu of an expensive soundstage.

Fully crewed out, we spent 2 straight days with over 16 women ages 40-80, and heard each of their stories one by one. By the end of it, we had enough content to populate the client’s various digital channels for the next 6 months.

What started as an idea pitched on a phone call turned into a campaign of over 30 videos that were launched on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Email, and included a series of :30 and :60 broadcast commercials for TV.

To round out the campaign, a series of radio ads is currently in production, helping to tap every possible viewer, listener, and market at our client’s reach while making the best use of all the assets we captured on our shoot