For the seasonal collab between Adidas and Undefeated, we stripped down to a skeleton crew and hiked to some very different overnight locations: first Death Valley, then the mountains, and finally the depths of downtown Los Angeles.

In each location, we found a mix of both chaos and calm.

Our goal was to capture athletes training during the dead hours of the early morning before the sun came up. We knew we wanted to create a look that was somewhat dreamy, but also ominous and macabre.

We chose a set of vintage (1960’s) Canon K35 primes coupled with the RED Helium 8K to produce an aesthetic that matched that filmic gloom the client was looking to capture.

Over the course of three shoot days, we captured enough content to send to their YouTube channels, Instagram feeds & stories, and Facebook sponsored content for all 3 releases over the course of the year. The videos also launched on the website for each seasonal drop.