Talk about boostrapping it. This job with Adidas had zero prep time and a lot to capture. And we were 1,000% down for it.

We came on board to film actress and incredible dancer Elysandra Quinones to promote Adidas’ new line of Primeknit activewear. We had one afternoon in a huge loft in downtown LA to get what we needed, so we kept our crew light and agile.

We were able to execute our video shoot around a separate photography shoot the client had already planned, making the best use of Elysandra’s time on set.

We interviewed her, filmed her beautiful frenetic dancing, all while highlighting the new line of Primeknit activewear that lets her move without restriction.

We downloaded the footage that day, and within 48 hours had a rough cut to show the client.

Because that’s the kind of chaos where we thrive.